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Computer systems news, in-depth analysis for the newest trends and innovations in computer technology. Coming from AI to blockchains, explore the latest technical developments inside our increasingly converted world.

The disgraced founder of the failed blood-testing company Theranos begins her 11-year penitentiary sentence, while tech giants face increasing pressure to defend click over here now consumer data. Among all this, global cybercrime cuts are now over $1 trillion, per a brand new report.

Seeing that the number of persons experiencing loneliness in America soars, some are making use of artificial brains for support. But some specialists warn that embracing these tools can cause mental medical problems. Psychotherapist Robi Ludwig joins CBS News to share more on this emerging issue.

An open page by plenty of the makers of ChatGPT and also other powerful generative AI tools warns that mitigating their particular risks should be made a worldwide priority. But what precisely are they referring to? CBS News’ Janet Shamlian reports.

A brand new photonic unit enables pré-réglable on-chip data processing without the need for lithography. The result is a high-speed computer chip with better accuracy and reliability.

If you’re your computer science student or a great IT professional, maintaining the latest technology trends is vital to keeping ahead of the video game. Learn how you can improve your tech abilities in this speedily evolving field with Edureka’s course about Artificial Brains (AI).


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