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Intellect is thrilled to announce that the International Journal of Food Design has been accepted onto Scopus. The journal received excellent feedback from the reviewer, calling it a ‘thriving journal’, ‘publishing material that is very highly cited’. Use SOLO to find and access over 1,700 databases across a broad range of subject areas, or search and browse through Databases A-Z.

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UCL Library Services aims to make books and other resources available to support your learning and research. We welcome suggestions to purchase materials that we don’t currently have available. JHP is an independent learned journal dedicated to the research of ceramics and objects of daily use of the Hellenistic period in the Mediterranean region and beyond. It aims at bringing together archaeologists, historians, philologists, numismatists and scholars of related disciplines engaged in the research of the Hellenistic heritage. JHP seeks to be a forum for discussion and circulation of information on the everyday culture of the Hellenistic period.

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Once you’re happy with your tax rules and have added any additional costs, you can click authorise. Academic staff can use this form to propose a new library resource – e.g. a new database (subscription or outright purchase) or a journal subscription – that would support teaching and/or research. Only distinct journal and book collections can be purchased from Lot 1. Requests for new journal subscriptions should be made on the same Library Suggestion Card as for books and they are subjected to a similar approval procedures. VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the standard rate for online only orders, and on the online component of institutional (print and online) subscriptions (50% of the price).

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  • Now this has been resolved using the new module subscription billing and in this blog I am going to show you how we can manage purchase accruals in Invoice journal.
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All articles undergo initial editorial screening either by the journal’s Editorial Team and/or incumbent Guest Editors. Articles then undergo a rigorous anonymous peer review by two referees, following the guidance in Intellect’s ‘Peer review instructions’. Based on this feedback, the Editors will communicate a decision and revision suggestions to authors. To appeal an editorial decision, please contact the main Editor who will consider your case. Articles appearing in its pages are contributions of scholars of international reputation in history, archaeology, philology, art, religion and science.


Philosophical Transactions B
Influential themed journal issues across the life sciences. Proceedings B
Dedicated to the fast publication and worldwide dissemination of high-quality biological research. Our journals are compliant with Research Councils UK (RCUK) and other open access policies.

  • More information on finding open-access versions of journal articles.
  • In setting our hybrid journal prices, we take into account the change in the number of non-paid open access articles published and cost inflation (CPI).
  • Articles then undergo a rigorous anonymous peer review by two referees, following the guidance in Intellect’s ‘Peer review instructions’.
  • Philosophical Transactions A
    Influential themed journal issues across the physical sciences; physics, mathematics and engineering.
  • Devoted to short articles on the archaeology, history and society of the Ancient Near East, is published as two online issues a year, combined into a single printed volume at the end of the year.


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