Kotlin: The Android Development Language of the Future

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The compiler will then force the developer to check ‘null’ before doing anything with the variable. Due to this, a Null Pointer Exception does not occur in Kotlin. One of the major problems with Java lies in the language’s design, which leads to extra work. A Kotlin project can be set up to function in less than 10 minutes, even for a first-timer. One of the primary reasons developers prefer Kotlin over Java is the brevity that Kotlin offers. By default, the evaluation of lazy properties is synchronized.

android development with kotlin

In addition to displaying a message, an action could be set to Snackbar. Android EditText is the user interface element through which you may request user to provide text input. The second part of the Modern https://globalcloudteam.com/ article series. Modern Android development with Kotlin The second part of the Modern Android development with Kotlin article series.

Dealing with Kotlin code

This also drastically simplifies application maintenance efforts. The language also offers many features and libraries, enabling developers to build powerful apps quickly. Furthermore, Kotlin has excellent tooling support from both Google and JetBrains, making it easier to debug applications. Kotlin is an ideal language for Android app development with a long list of features for creating great apps. Its compatibility with Java and its interoperability are two main benefits for mobile app developers. Kotlin also uses lambda expressions, allowing developers to create more concise and efficient code.

android development with kotlin

Instead, it produces bytecode, which is a platform-independent code that can be executed by a Java Virtual Machine . It’s important to be aware of the fact that Java is a compiled language, which means that code is converted into machine-readable instructions before it is executed. Java is often used for developing enterprise-level applications such as e-commerce websites, banking systems, and CRM systems.

Kotlin Tutorial

You will learn how Kotlin brings many improvements to the table by improving common Java concepts and decreasing code verbosity. The last module presents features that are not present in Java. You will learn how certain tasks can be achieved in simpler ways thanks to Kotlin.

  • Lazy-initialized properties that are initialized upon first access.
  • Can expect to receive timely support from others in the community.
  • There are times when it causes problems with Android API design.
  • For these reasons, Kotlin wins the battle of the talent pool.
  • It is not so popular, and so the developer community is sparse compared to other well-established languages like it.

So, in this case, firstName and lastName are properties that have been assigned default getter/setter methods. Alternatively, you can create a Java class and convert it to Kotlin using the action mentioned above. Remember, you can use it to convert any class, interface, enum or annotation, and this can be used to compare Java easily to Kotlin code. Learning Android development is very easy, given that you know the right direction and correct steps. Of Course Official Android Developer provides a rich documentation and examples which are helpful in easing the Android App Development. We here help you and guide you in taking those first little steps and master in developing your own Android Applications.

Migrating existing codebases

Many features are specifically designed for Android development, such as built-in support for null safety and Android Extensions. Before we jump into the Kotlin vs Java debate, let’s first take a step back and look at getting a general understanding of what programming languages are and how they evolved. Our UI designers will take care of the visual layer of the application to make it appealing to your end-users. Is extremely easy and convenient because Kotlin is designed to be fully backward compatible with Java.

android development with kotlin

In some cases, Java versions of libraries and frameworks may need to be used, which can add complexity to the project. This requires thorough testing of the integrated code to ensure it is working as expected. To sum up, Kotlin offers you the ability to save time when writing native Android applications by using an intuitive and concise syntax. It is still a young programming language, but in my opinion, it is now stable enough to be used for building production apps.

Java vs Kotlin

It means that developers already used Kotlin in several projects even before release. It is practical with proven features from other programming languages and world-class IDE support. The IDE plugin works in the case of Kotlin and allows several of Java’s popular features. Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference. It is designed to improve productivity in an ecosystem primarily dominated by Java. It is fully interoperable with Java and provides more expressive syntax and safety features.

We have seen useful examples where Kotlin simplified the code and made it much safer. In Kotlin 1.1, kotlin-runtime was required to run applications written in Kotlin. In fact, in Kotlin 1.1 there were two artifacts (kotlin-runtime and kotlin-stdlib) that shared a lot of Kotlin packages. To reduce the amount of confusion, both the artifacts will be merged into a single artifact (kotlin-stdlib) in the upcoming 1.2 version of Kotlin. Starting from Kotlin 1.2, kotlin-stdlib is required to run applications written in Kotlin.

Enhancing UX with Notifications and App Widgets

Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin is an open-source, statically-typed programming language for JavaScript and Java Virtual Machine . It’s used by several big brands like Uber, Pinterest, Trello, and Twitter. Libraries written in Java can be used in Kotlin without issues, and vice versa, making it easy for existing Java code to be seamlessly integrated into android development with kotlin Kotlin projects. In the next chapter, we will learn about Kotlin building blocks and lay a foundation to develop Android applications using Kotlin. We can easily use debugging, lint checks, have proper code assistance, refactoring, and more. Most of the things work the same way as for Java, so the biggest noticeable change is the Kotlin language syntax.

android development with kotlin

So, here are the reasons why moving to Kotlin is one of the best things you can do. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. In Kotlin, on the other hand, trying to attribute null values to variables or objects by default will stop the code from compiling. Full compatibility with existing Java code, so you can gradually migrate your app to Kotlin without having to rewrite everything from scratch. There are a few golden nuggets that make Java stand out amongst other languages.


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